Hannah Solar


As Georgia’s largest solar installer, the Hannah Solar team recently planted Atlanta’s first Solar Energy Tree at the company’s office building. The Solar Energy Tree serve as a testament to the solar development the company has accomplished and continues to deploy across the Southeast.

The newly renovated Atlanta headquarters of Hannah Solar incorporates 60 kW rooftop solar array, making more energy than the building and our employees consume.   The building is designed to be energy positive with LED lights, highly efficient HVAC systems and a tight building envelope.   The solar tree provides more energy to help power Hannah Solar’s electric vehicle charging stations, ensuring Atlanta’s electric vehicles have a pollution-free power source.  The solar tree will produce over 120,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy over its lifetime and eliminate pollution equivalent to burning 9,000 gallons of gasoline, while saving over $15,000 in electric energy costs or $31,500 in gas costs.

Hannah Solar was honored to be selected as the first Georgia partner of Spotlight Solar, a national specialist in architectural solar structures designed for high visibility locations.

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