Why Solar?


Solid Financial Investment with Reasonable Payback.
Commercial solar buyers will pay their solar project investment off in 4-5 years and the system will continue to provide years of free or utility purchased electricity.

Rising Utility Rates – No Longer Your Problem. 
Solar can help you reduce your monthly electric bill and improve your seasonal or peak consumption usage.
Georgia Power, DUKE Energy, SCE&G, and other utilities currently offer tremendous solar opportunities and incentives for regional companies investing in solar.

Satisfy Your Tax Appetite
65% of cost returned via tax credits and depreciation, 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), 6-year accelerated depreciation

Reliable and Low Maintenance 25+ Year Asset
Your silent, drama free solar investment enhances its value every day by simply rising with the sun and repurposing its energy. 

Solar Adds to Property Value
Solar reduces your operating expenses and could potentially improve your property value.

Be a Solar Powerhouse and Lead by Example.
Solar demonstrates corporate sustainability and environmental responsibility.